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When a toothache strikes, you can head over to visit our office to get it treated. Our team may be able to identify the cause and get it sorted out for you. Before you head over to our office, you can give some of these tips a try to deal with the problem.

– Try using some water to give your mouth a rinse. Warm water may be more helpful in this case.
– If you suspect that the ache is caused by something stuck between your teeth, or even just to be sure, you can use floss to try and clear out any debris from around the tooth.
– A cold compress is a standard method of dealing with discomfort. You can lay it on the outside of your mouth over the offending tooth to soothe it.

Once you reach our office in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Bryan Gerstenberg, will examine the issue so he can get you feeling better. You are always welcome to visit us at Airport Dental if you feel some discomfort in your teeth or need help with a dental emergency. Call us at 850-477-8668, and we will get things prepared for your arrival.