How would you like to have your restorations completed without drilling? At Airport Dental, we offer the latest in dental technology called Silver Diamine Fluoride. (SDF) The fluoride consists of a liquid applied to the cavity with a small brush that kills the bacteria, while hardening the tooth! It can also halt tooth decay, prevent cavities, and it can even be used as a tooth desensitizer for adults 21 and up.

SDF has gone through a number of studies to determine its effectiveness and has several benefits, such as:

  • No drilling
  • No shots
  • Preservation of tooth enamel
  • Less infection
  • Faster
  • Less cost

SDF is ideal for special needs patients, nursing home residents, those who cannot afford traditional dental care, and those with dental anxiety. The only downside may be the discoloration of a tooth after it is treated, however, the issue may not be a major one if the procedure is performed on a back molar or for a baby tooth. For a relatively low cost, patients may find it is a great long-term solution.

To learn more about dental fillings without drilling in Pensacola, Florida, we urge you to contact Airport Dental at 850-477-8668. Our dentist, Dr. Bryan Gerstenberg, can provide a consultation with you or a family member who needs a restoration.  Call us today!