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Customized Dentures and Partials

Lumineer-Style Dentures
Friendly denture design technician, Joan Mitchell from Express Dental Lab, is here for you to make sure your denture has the perfect fit and comfort level. You will not find "cookie-cutter" dentures at Airport Dental. Feel free to bring in a photo of how you would like your teeth to look, and she will be sure to please. During every step of the design and production of your denture, Joan goes out of her way to make sure you are extremely satisfied with the result. We offer "Super Seal" dentures, which replaces that old, hard and uncomfortable base of a denture with a softer pliable material that when placed in hot water, form to the ridge of the mouth creating a seal so strong and comfortable - there's no need for creams or pastes! Dentures can also be supported by dental implants to provide additional stability and strength. Call today to set up a FREE denture consultation (850) 477-8668 and see what Joan can do for you.

Custom Fit Partial Dentures
Removable partial dentures act as replacement for missing teeth similar to other dentures, they just fit around remaining natural teeth. We offer traditional partials, natural colored acrylic clasp partials, which are more aesthetic and comfortable compared to the traditional metal clasps and the cosmetic Snap-On Smile.

Ask about our new Horseshoe Dentures!

Horseshoe Denture

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