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Dental Check-Ups

From the minute you walk in the door, your first visit to Airport Dental is something special. Enjoy some of our premium hot or cold beverages (there's complementary toothbrushes in the restroom if you feel the need to freshen your breath afterwards) and take a seat in our comfortable waiting room, meet the genuine staff whose main purpose is to see you smile and enjoy the aesthetic state-of-the-art building and equipment.

Our new patient check-up includes a full mouth examination, full mouth x-ray, intra-oral (inside your mouth) camera photos and a check for cavities using a laser-assisted detection device called Diagnodent®. Diagnodent technology discovers decay before it can be seen by the naked eye and even before x-rays show it. The process is painless and very helpful to us as we do our best to keep treatment conservative. The doctor will then sit down with you to look over your records, examine your mouth and take the time to discuss any dental concern you may have. Dr. G also specializes in cosmetics and would love to discuss the options you may have for creating the smile you've always wanted.

Please allow our knowledgeable staff the opportunity to demonstrate to you how well we take care of our patients. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment (850) 477-8668 or you can fill out our appointment request form.

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