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Professional Whitening

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1.)  Sapphire Light (In-Office) Tooth Whitening $950.00
The Sapphire Whitening system is made by Den-Mat, the same makers as Lumineers. This system uses a safe but powerful Sapphire Plasma Arc Light along with a professional grade teeth whitening gel. The light assists the bleaching process in two ways. Sapphire s bleach formulation absorbs light in the blue end of the spectrum, which becomes excited and decomposes into reactive intermediators that attack the colored compounds that form stains on teeth. In addition, the absorption of blue light serves to activate the colored stain materials absorbed on the teeth. These photo activated materials are quite reactive and their reaction with hydrogen peroxide results in faster bleaching. We guarantee results or will give you your money back.

The most effective and affordable way to whiten teeth is with the dentist fabricated take home bleaching trays. This method is considered the fastest and safest way for brightening smiles. We offer several strengths of professional whitening gel, including one for patients who prefer the convenience of whitening while they sleep. Our gel is the first take-home whitener to combine amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), potassium nitrate and fluoride for enhanced whitening results. This unique formula is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, rebuild enamel, add luster and reduce fadeback.

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